digital citizenship

What is digital citizenship? A parent’s guide

Citizenship describes the character of a member of a society, and how they behave and function in that society as well as how well they carry out their duties and obligations. When we apply that concept to the world of texts, emails, messages, photo sharing, live video, social media, and all other forms of living […]

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From consumers to creators: 9 online activities for kids

In the ongoing discussion about how much kids should be on their screens, we sometimes overlook an important aspect of that question: What are they doing on their screens? All screen time is not equal. I think the time that we parents worry about the most is the passive time where our kids are simply […]

screen time factor

How much screen time for your kids? Consider these 6 factors

When it comes to screen time, everyone is looking for a perfect formula: an ideal number of minutes that we should be allowing our kids on their screens. There is no magic number. Various experts and resources will suggest a time (like no more than 30 minutes a day), but how do we factor in […]

school device

When your kid’s school gives them a device

The school just handed my child a device. Now what? Many districts are “going one-to-one,” if they haven’t already. That means every student gets his or her “own” device. The majority of schools are choosing Chromebooks, but some are issuing iPads, cheaper laptops, or even MacBooks. A one-to-one (usually written 1:1) program offers a lot of […]

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Help your child choose their next book with these online resources

As a school librarian, I often hear parents express frustration that their child is unwilling to read. In a world of screens, it is becoming more difficult to convince kids to hit the off button and crack open a good ol’ physical book. In working with students over the years, I’ve become more and more […]


What to say when your kids won’t talk about technology

As digital parents, we probably all have that image of us sitting down with our tween or teen and having a calm, open conversation about their technology use. In this dream, we are both expressing our concerns and opinions in a mature, warm chat, and a mutual understanding washes over both of us as we […]


Take these steps to protect your kids’ privacy online

When it comes to keeping our kids safe online, we tend to focus on filtering and monitoring. An equally important element of their safety, however, is their online privacy. Frankly, most of us probably aren’t doing enough in this area. Fortunately, there are some easy steps we can (and must) take to protect their privacy […]


What parents need to know about virtual reality

What if you could take your kids to see the pyramids of Egypt or the Great Barrier Reef? Can’t afford such an extravagant trip? Enter virtual reality. Technology has made possible all sorts of incredible tools for breaking down communication and broadcast limits, allowing us to talk face-to-face with someone on the other side of […]


What parents can learn when we shut up and drive

For a recent birthday, our oldest wanted to go to a movie with a handful of his friends. After driving around picking them all up, we were on our way. One minivan, one middle-aged dad, and five 15-16 year olds. No sooner were their butts in the seats than the devices came out. At first […]


Router Limits filtering device and service [Review]

What if you didn’t have to install a program or app on every device in your house, yet still be able to keep tabs on what everyone is doing? That’s the key advantage of devices, like Router Limits, that filter and monitor at the router level. In other words, it keeps track and filters all […]