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New screen time recommendations and tools from pediatricians

As digital parents, it’s probably the question we wrestle with the most. How much screen time? Of course, the answer always starts with those oh-so-unhelpful words: “It depends.” The child’s age. His or her temperament. The amount of time spent on other activities. The type or quality of screen time. And what if you have […]


[Book Review] Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World

  • September 16, 2016
  • / By Cory

As parents, many of us struggle betweend two styles of digital parenting. Do I tightly monitor and filter my children’s online life, or do I allow them total freedom to discover and learn on their own. The concern of the former is that we’ll stifle and frustrate them, and we’ll be forever playing cop. The […]


That one summer we let our kids have too much screen time

So, once again, our names have been left off the nomination list for Parents of the Year. This summer, our boys spent way too much time on their devices. What often began as “an hour” would turn into a whole morning. On road trips, the alternating hour-on-hour-off quickly went out the car window. The encouragement […]


What parents can learn from an educational technology conference

Every year, thousands of teachers, administrators, and companies gather for an enormous educational technology conference to learn and share the latest in tech and teaching trends. This year, I was fortunate to join 18,000 educators in Denver, CO, to see the latest innovative ideas, gadgets, and services making their way into classrooms. With over 1200 […]


Keeping the bad stuff off your kid’s smartphone

One of the most common questions I hear parents struggle with is “How old should my child be before I give him or her a phone?” The very next question is usually, “How do I keep all the bad stuff off of it?” Like most decisions, every tween or teen differs in their maturity, responsibility, […]


10 activities that get your kids (and their technology) outdoors

I suppose it’s appropriate that I’m writing this outside. Right now, it is late spring in Wisconsin. We’ve just come out of an unseasonably cold spring…even for Wisconsin. We were hoping that Spring would be a real thing this year, and here it is. I’m sitting at a picnic table in a pavilion in one […]


Are my kids addicted to technology?

Can our children actually be addicted to technology? This is a question I’ve been wrestling with lately, so when CommonSenseMedia released the results of a recent study they conducted, I was intrigued. Survey Says… They asked more than 1200 parents and their teens about their own tech use and their perceptions of other family members. […]


How to make YouTube safer for your family

When my own kids ask if they can have some screen time, they know I’m keeping a close eye on what they are doing. Inevitably, the word “appropriate” will enter the conversation. And they know what question I’m going to ask next: What are you going to do with your screen time? Like most kids, […]


3 things we miss when we don’t look up

A friend of mine recently had to have some pretty significant surgery. Fortunately he’s doing better now, but in preparation for the surgery, they hit one little hitch. They had trouble intubating him. In order to put a breathing tube in, medical staff have to bend the head back in an awkward angle. If the […]

Parents guide to copyright

Parents’ guide to copyright and fair use

A couple of years ago, I was teaching a group of high school freshmen about copyright. In my library at the time, student art work filled many of the open spaces and shelves. I asked the art teacher to always label every piece with the student-artist’s name, as the kids certainly deserve the credit for […]