7-Day online Safety Challenge (for Parents)

Day 4: Parental Controls on Devices (Part 1)

Consider the following:

  • Find out what parental controls are available on the phones in your house.
  • Here's your cheat sheet for smartphones (and some tablets)
    • Screen Time (iOS) features and controls 
      • Track and report phone usage details
      • Set time limits (both amount of time and time of day) for specific apps
      • Manage and approve apps before they are installed
      • Content restrictions
      • Privacy restrictions (like location sharing, camera usage, etc.)
    • Google's Family Link (Android) features and controls
      • Track and report phone activity, including app usage
      • Manage and approve app installs
      • Includes suggested teacher-approved apps for downloading
      • Set time limits and bedtimes
      • Locate your child using their phone
  • As you learn what is available, add these details to your Home Audit worksheet.

Your ACTION STEP for today:
Determine what parental controls are available on your phones

and add those details to the Home Audit worksheet.

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