Teaching your digital kids how to talk

With the increase of screens and devices in their children’s lives, one of the biggest concerns many parents have is the dying art of conversation. It seems that kids (and adults) have difficulty speaking to anyone without looking directly at a screen. This is concerning for a lot of reasons. Most of us grew up […]


The Best Internet Filtering App: You

We’re all hoping that it exists somewhere. That one app or piece of software or program that will do everything when it comes to keeping our kids safe online, protecting them from cyberbullies and online predators, helping them make good choices when they’re surfing, and teaching them how to be good digital citizens. We want […]


Filtering and monitoring: A primer for parents

If your kids are old enough to be online, you have to have some safeguards in place on your internet connection. But which ones? And how many? And where do you start? When you start looking at options, it can be overwhelming and a little confusing. What’s the difference between filtering and monitoring Let’s start […]


8 digital world skills we must teach our children

In the opening years of the 21st Century, much of the conversation in education was trying to answer the question: What skills do our kids need for the rapidly-changing world they will inherit? Critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, information literacy, and other similar terms topped the lists. Now a decade and a half in, social media, […]


[Book Review] Parenting in a Digital World

As a school resource officer, Clayton Cranford has experienced the darker side of technology in the lives of children and teens. Having worked on issues of cyberbullying, online predators, and sex trafficking, the “Cyber Safety Cop” (as he’s known) has distilled much of that experience into an immensely practical book for parents. Parenting in a […]


Ninja Google search skills every parent should know (to impress their kids)

There aren’t too many other tasks that shake our parental confidence quite like helping our kids with their homework. With me, I cringe every time they have to do “research”. Despite the fact that our children are likely being taught some good search skills in school, most likely they will just rely on a simple Google search […]


Talking to your child’s school about technology

A friend recently asked me about Google passwords. Another student in her daughter’s 4th grade class, she explained, had figured out her daughter’s password and had been posting junk on some of her documents. My friend spoke to staff at the school, the password was changed, and the problem seems to have stopped. But there were […]


Why (and how) non-geek parents should teach their kids to code

In 7th grade, I programmed a computer for the first time. I was able, on an Apple IIe, to get my name to scroll repeatedly down the screen in multiple colors. I did that. I coded that. In Basic. And then, I stopped. Over the years, I dabbled in coding and programming. Typing some lines […]

Building a digital home, part 4

Building a Safe, Healthy Digital Home, Part Four: Outside

Note: This is the fourth (and final) part of a series on Building a Safe and Healthy Digital Home. It wouldn’t be a complete tour if we didn’t step outside and look around… The Front Porch If the closet was the private part of our lives, the front porch is about as public as it […]


Building a Safe, Healthy Digital Home, Part Three: Upstairs

  • September 29, 2015
  • / By Cory

Note: This is the third part of a series on Building a Safe and Healthy Digital Home. It’s time to take a walk upstairs… The Bedroom To keep this to a PG-rating, we won’t talk about the parents’ bedroom here. (Though there is plenty of material on how technology is interrupting intimate time between them.) […]