7-Day online Safety Challenge (for Parents)

Day 7: Your Next Steps

Consider the following:

  • Keep working on your To-do list, based on the information you collected on your Home Audit worksheet.
  • Remember, setting up filters and parental controls is not digital parenting. It's just one technical part of it. Ongoing, open communication with your children about their digital lives is critical to online safety.
  • Our goal should not be to control our kids, but to protect them while helping them develop into healthy, balanced digital adults
  • Some specific topics to keep talking to your kids about:
    • Screen time limits and developing their own self-regulation skills
    • Gaming safety, especially when they are using in-game chat rooms and other forms of gamer communication
    • Social media safety and practicing good choices and kind behavior when being social online.
    • Digital tattoo and learning that everything we do online becomes a part of our personal, digital reputation.
  • And if your kids are on social media, including watching YouTube, and you want to monitor what they are doing/saying/watching/listening to/emailing/messaging online, you really need to take a look at Bark.

Your ACTION STEP for today:
Keep working on your to-do list of setting up parental controls, 

and keep having those good, open conversations with your kids!

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